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I am so grateful to have Alyce Wright and Courtney van Beuren for partners in selling my beautiful home! They were incredibly respectful, enthusiastic, motivational and disciplined. The combination of Alyce and Courtney was just what I needed, even though I didn't know that in the beginning of the listing process. I met with two 'high end' real estates agencies before meeting with Alyce. I told a friend I was having trouble finding the right agent... he said, "You need to meet Alyce Wright. I had my house for sale for years to no avail... met Alyce and in months, sold my house for more than I had hoped." In my initial meeting with Alyce, I immediately noted she had the skills, experience and chutzpah to get my property sold within the best timeline and of course, the best price. Alyce was my trusted partner! I felt she understood my property and she got the deal done! Courtney brought a warmth, passion, sense of design balanced with 'let's get this done and have fun'.... I needed all of that. She recognized my connection to my home and helped me capitalize this rather than fret giving it up. All in all, what I am saying... selling my home was not just a transaction... at the closing the buyer commented on how smoothly the sale went through and I thought... 'you had an excellent selling team: me, Alyce and Courtney!' Paula Rogers

Paula Rogers, 11 Clay Newport RI

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