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Barton & Gray offers membership to a fleet of crewed Hinckley Yachts throughout the Eastern seaboard. Enjoy unlimited access to the entire fleet, all year long. With a dedicated crew that organizes and facilitates incredible experiences on the water, in the most desirable ports and destinations. Barton & Gray members have all the joys of yachting in their life without any of the hassle.


The Most Desirable Harbors

The Perfect Picnic

Barton and Grey offers an array of catering options to enjoy a picnic on your picnic boat. Whether it’s a surf and turf luncheon with fresh Maine lobster rolls and a steak salad or a Clicquot Champagne Cruise, the B&G crew will make sure you have everything you need.  A collection of classic yacht, beach, and picnic options are available in each and every B&G Harbor.


The Yachts of Barton & Gray


The Talaria 44 is the ultimate platform for entertaining, long-range cruising and exploring. Driven with twin diesel powered Hamilton Jets and boasting a full galley and vast interior and exterior spaces, the T44’s are the pride of the fleet.


Considered the perfect yacht for Barton & Gray by members and crew alike, the Hinckley Talaria 40’s are roomy, nimble, eye-catching and comfortable. Like the larger T44’s, with twin jets, but with more shallow draft, the yacht is great for beach access.


With a single jet-drive propulsion system, shallow draft, and easy stern access, the Picnic Boat is the perfect yacht for trips to the beach, snorkeling and river/shallow cruising. The Club’s first two yachts were Picnic Boat EP’s.


Barton & Gray

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