The Lila Delman Team

We pride ourselves on our diverse team of local experts, bringing unique perspectives and different experiences. Knowledgable, dedicated to customer service and client satisfaction, this is the group we’ve always been building toward.


Bob Bailey
Jamestown Sales Manager & Sales Associate

401-413-6928 Bob.Bailey@LilaDelman.com

Ruth Bellino
Narragansett Sales Manager & Sales Associate

401-741-1577 ruth.bellino@liladelman.com

Alison Gainor
Agent Operations / Sales Associate

917-327-2941 Alison.Gainor@LilaDelman.com

Laurie Hewitt Burke
Newport Rental Manager and Sales Associate

401-662-5946 Laurie.Burke@LilaDelman.com

Kristen Jones
Director of Rentals & Relocation/Sales Associate

401-855-1222 Kristen.Jones@LilaDelman.com

Lori Joyal
Watch Hill Sales Manager & Broker

401-742-1225 lori.joyal@liladelman.com

Laureen Koch
Sales Associate, 2016 - 2020 Five Star Agent Award Winner

401-447-3062 Laureen.Koch@liladelman.com

Rosemary Tobin
Block Island Sales Manager & Sales Associate

401-741-1825 Rosemary.Tobin@LilaDelman.com

Kendra Toppa
Newport Sales Manager & Sales Associate

401-339-6233 Kendra.Toppa@LilaDelman.com

Tom Wegner
Providence Sales Manager & Associate

401.383.0999 Tom.Wegner@LilaDelman.com