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Working with Karin Jackson has been an absolute delight, and we are thrilled to share our experience with her. Karin isn't just an outstanding realtor; she's become an integral part of our lives, and her warmth and dedication have left an indelible mark on our hearts. Karin's responsiveness is nothing short of incredible. It felt like she had a sixth sense for our inquiries and concerns, always prompt in addressing them with a level of care that made us feel truly valued. Her lifelong residency in Newport bestowed upon us a treasure trove of local market knowledge. But it wasn't just about the numbers; Karin's personal connections in the community turned our relocation into a seamless adventure. From recommending vendors to introducing us to contractors who were practically family, she made us feel supported and cared for in a brand-new city. What truly sets Karin apart is her creative problem-solving skills. Faced with challenges, she didn't just find solutions; she discovered possibilities we hadn't even considered. Her dedication to our needs went beyond the transaction; it was a genuine investment in helping us find a home where we could put down roots for our growing family! Karin's advocacy for us throughout the entire process was exceptional. Her negotiation skills and ability to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions were not just commendable but genuinely reassuring. We always felt like we were in capable hands, and it was clear that Karin had our best interests at the forefront of every decision. What impressed us most was Karin's foresight. She anticipated our needs, thought about details we hadn't even considered, and ensured that every aspect of the process was not just handled but handled with care. Her proactive approach made the entire experience not just smooth but enjoyable. For instance, without us even asking, she pulled every permit that has ever been applied for on the house to show us the true history of the new property we were considering in this huge investment. In becoming our realtor, Karin has exceeded our expectations, and in the process, she's become a cherished member of our family. Having her in our corner for all future real estate decisions in Rhode Island brings us immense comfort. Karin Jackson is more than a realtor; she's a trusted partner and a friend. If you're in search of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable real estate professional, we wholeheartedly recommend Karin. She's not just a realtor; she's the key to turning a house into a home.

Kristy Lewis and Libby MacFarlane

Karin is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. She thoroughly understands how condominium associations operate. Karin reviewed our condominium documents prior to our purchase and provided us with valuable insight. Our purchase had several issues which she helped us navigate during the almost 4 months we were under contract prior to closing. Her referrals, home inspector, attorney, etc. were all excellent. This was by far the best experience I have ever had purchasing property. I will use Karin again in the future and I highly recommend her.


I first met Karin a few years back when my wife and I attended an open house she was holding near our home in downtown Bristol. We were just toying with the idea of selling our home and we wanted to get a better feel for the local market. We had a wonderful interaction with Karin that day and were very impressed with her knowledge and genuine appreciation for selling a historic home and the stewardship that is required when buying such a special property. I found her response to our toughest questions to be thorough, frank, and honest. Karin had clearly done her research on that home and on the neighborhood. And it was obvious that we were doing business with someone who valued her own integrity, ethics, and reputation, which was particularly important to us. Once my wife and I were ready to sell, we knew exactly who we wanted to be our listing agent! It took us a little time to track Karin down because she had moved brokerages, but we knew it was worth the hunt. Karin and her talented business partners, Candice Sandman and Daniele Alsheimer, were a complete joy to work with from day one. The sale of an historic home such as ours required expertise in the advantages and challenges associated with ownership of an older home. Karin spent a great deal of time listening and understanding the importance of our home and the changes that we made to suit our family needs. She also explored the ways in which potential buyers utilize that same space. Karin had a clear marketing plan which included not only gathering all pertinent town documents and the necessary paperwork, but she also had a vision. That vision included staging our home to better repurpose the space and flow. Karin, Candice, and Dani spent countless hours working with our existing pieces while infusing some of their own staging inventory to complete the story of our home. This monumental task made a world of difference. Karin utilized everything from exemplary photography to creating an environment that felt like a home well-loved which is truly priceless. And, this was done for our benefit, at no additional cost. This was all included in their team services. I cannot express how grateful my wife and I were to have found Karin again and her real estate team, The Newport Living Group. Karin's excellent negotiating skills afforded us the ability to get top dollar for our home in our desired short time frame for a closing. If you are looking for a top professional, ethical Realtor with a strong team behind her every step of the way, I highly recommend Karin Jackson. Everything she offers, from the one-stop shopping afforded by her all-inclusive team to her network of vendors is very impressive. Karin took almost all of stress out of the selling process and, that is truly priceless. I am confident in providing Karin Jackson my highest recommendation.

Lou M. and Karen R.

“Karin is spectacular. I first interacted with her a little over a year before I retained her as an agent. I was interested in wading my feet into the notoriously brutish Newport market. It was at a time that was certainly beneficial for sellers, and not so much for buyers. Karin spent a couple hours discussing all things housing related with me, gaining an understanding of my perspective and status, after which, at the end she recommended that given my circumstances, I wait for the market to cool. A real estate agent telling a potential client to not buy a house!? A year later after watching the market and seeing a property I was interested in I of course contacted Karin. She helped guide me through the overly arduous process that is home buying and was patient with me (my schedule is cray making my attention to details and ability to get things done on time challenging) and I was always impressed with her wealth of knowledge and perspective. You can't find a better agent. Highly recommend!”

Kersey S.

“Above & Beyond in every sense of the words! I found Karin when I bought my home 4 years ago. She was the seller’s agent and impressed me so much that I kept a mental note that if & when I was ready to sell the home that she just sold to me, she would be the first person that I would call. Four years later, and that’s exactly what happened. Karin remembered both me and the property vividly. She then talked me through the pros and cons of the best times to sell given my specific situation. Karin negotiated my next purchase and sold my current home simultaneously. She read the condo docs to my new property and sent me a list of things to think about and ask questions on. I ask A LOT of questions and Karin graciously answered each of them honestly and in detail. Her knowledge is vast, and she always gave me her undivided attention. Karin is very sincere and easy to speak with and get along with. She truly puts in a lot of effort behind the scenes to make the selling/buying experience as smooth as it can be. Karin is highly professional and respectful, with high ethical standards. She is completely trustworthy!”

Dana D.

“Thank you, Karin, for all your hard work and the extra mile you went time and time again! A true professional and friend."

Ania Z.

"Karin has been an absolute joy to work with since day one. Being a first-time home buyer, I didn't know much about real estate at all, but Karin made me feel comfortable during the entire process. She is very knowledgeable and extremely patient, offering detailed explanations on every aspect of the purchase and always looking out for my best interests. I will definitely use her again and won't hesitate to refer her to my friends and family."

Chris S.

"I had not met Karin Jackson before she showed me places to rent upon my arrival in Rhode Island for a new job in Newport. Somehow, she knew exactly what I wanted and needed for this new start in my life. Her ability to locate the perfect place for me to live on Aquidneck Island is a direct result of her incredible listening skills and remarkable communication with her client. I recommend Karin Jackson to everyone I know looking for rentals or buying or selling. Quite frankly, I don't know why anyone would go to anyone other than Karin. Her work with me produced a home run in my new home and landlord. I could not be more pleased. She has my highest recommendation and admiration."

Mother Anita S.

"Karin was outstanding in working us through an unusually complex transaction with on-again, off-again contingencies of our buyers. Perseverance prevailed and Karin pulled off the closing in marvelous fashion. You won't be dissatisfied if you choose Karin Jackson as your real estate profession."

Richard & Ceci F.

"When we decided to move back to Newport, of all the Realtors, Karin stood out like a charm. When other Realtors took days to compile a list of showings, Karin produced a handful of perfect homes in a matter of hours. She seemed to intuitively know exactly what would fit us and she went way out of her way to accommodate our needs. Karin is the unique Realtor who puts in the effort, has the talent, and truly cares. She stands out in the crowd and we would recommend her to anyone."

Dr. Seth B.

"Not having bought a house in almost 20 years, I was truly amazed at how the market and the mechanics have changed when my wife and I went looking for an investment property. Luckily, we found Karin. She was very patient with us, answered all our questions, and used all of her experience and contacts on our behalf. Karin is an almost embarrassingly honest straight shooter. I truly felt that she was on our team and helped us to get the best deal possible."

Gabe & Eleanor D.

"Karin did a great job as our Realtor. She was very professional and thorough in her needed actions in ensuring the sale of the estate in a much-needed timely manner. Karin's expertise in real estate proved very beneficial to the advertisement, showing, sale and closing of the property. Being an estate sale, Karin realized the importance to all concerned to fulfill the demands placed upon her. She did this with her outstanding ability. Thanks, Karin, for all!"

John & Ray C.

"I think in today's economy it is harder to buy and sell a property. So many things come up that you could not possibly foresee. So, it is even more important that someone is working on your behalf. I have worked with many Realtors over the years and no one has done the exceptional job that Karin has done for our company this year. She has given good advice. She has been on top of every detail, and many came up. If you are looking to buy or sell and you want someone who clearly knows her business, will respond immediately to your call, will keep you up to date on any progress, hire Karin. I know for us; we have found a trusted friend to do more business within the future. This is the type of person for whom the word professional was meant."

Joe P.

"As first-time home buyers, we were nervous, full of questions, and filled with excitement. Karin Jackson was always able to answer our questions, calmed our fears, and shared in the excitement when we had found the perfect first home. What impressed us so much about Karin is that she truly took the time to get to know us as a couple and what we were looking for in a home. We will continue to pass on Karin's name as our friends and family buy and see their homes."

Scott & Erika M.

"We walked into buying a home as first time buyers with our eyes closed. Karin not only opened our eyes but also broadened our perspective by making the whole transaction simple, relieving the stress and defining the process in a way that we could understand. Her tact and professionalism are second to none and if we ever buy another house it will be with Karin!"

Chris & Christina L.

"As a first-time home buyer, the process was overwhelming and new to me. Karin worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I was well informed and comfortable making such a big decision. She continually went beyond what was required to ensure that I was happy with the final choice I made. When I initially did not find anything that I liked, Karin worked with me to find markets in other areas, oftentimes showing properties in the evenings or the weekend to accommodate my schedule. It would be my pleasure to work with Karin again."

Matthew H.

"I would highly recommend Karin Jackson. I felt completely confident working with her during my purchasing process. As a native, she knows the area and history of many properties. She is tactful, sincere, and easy going. She knows how to spot what could be a potential issue or need attention. Karin always was ready with useful suggestions and advice on what could easily add value and what could be potentially good or bad for an owner. During my entire search for a new home, I never felt pressured, or like I was being "sold" something. I only felt well informed. You can count on Karin to look out for your best interest."

Julia L.

"Collaborating with Karin during my search for a new home was a delight! Knowledge, kindness, flexibility, and patience stand out amongst her many traits. I scored an ideal home thanks to Karin's communication and subject area information skills and truly hope that our paths cross again."

Johnny F.

“My wife Sharon and I just closed on a home in Bristol and I wanted to take a minute to recognize Karin Jackson and the rest of the team that she is a part of for the great home buying experience that we had. From the start of the process, which she took the time to explain to us step by step in clear terms, to the closing, my wife and I always felt that our interests were extremely well represented. She asked great questions during inspections, provided excellent resources and inspection/contractor references, and helped us negotiate terms and a price that met our goals. In addition, she took the initiative to do some research on the three lots that the property contained which ultimately led to a significant tax savings. She also picked up on an item in the HUD documents the day before the closing that had she not noticed and acted; it would have led to me leaving money that she negotiated on our behalf on the table. She was professional, knowledgeable, and just great to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Karin and the Newport Living Group team (love the team approach by the way) to anyone.”

Michael K.

“If you are interested in buying a home in Rhode Island, then you need to contact Karin Jackson. Karin is personable, detail orientated, and works through the process of discovering the best homes to show by paying attention to what you say, what you like, what you do not like and why for each viewing. I found that looking at homes with Karin was not only going to end with success, but the entire process was enjoyable, fun and filled with not only the key elements necessary for finding the right home, but also the lighter side of shopping for homes both from the perspective of a buyer and an agent. Karin has a great sense of humor and this really helps a lot. Karin knows her business. She made sure that all the t’s were crossed, and all the i’s were dotted from the selection process, the offer, assuring the correct value, a detailed inspection, to a well-conducted closing. Karin is the very best and you will be happy you chose her as your buying agent. She is a five-star, rock star agent!”

Gerry B.

“Highly recommend Karin because of all high professionalism, years of experience, and all the positive experience we had with her. She is very devoted to her job and knows her job very well. Karin would respond to emails within minutes and answer the phone event after 9pm. We really felt her interest to make our experience the best and she did. Karin is a wonderful person, Easy to speak with and get along. Honest and sincere. 5 STARS.”

Cheryl H.

“I decided to go with Karin after speaking to a number of buyer's agents in the area. From the start Karin was very helpful and professional, always willing to respond to questions and concerns quickly but never pressuring me to move any faster than I was comfortable with. In addition, when viewing homes, she knew the right questions to ask in order to get information that I wouldn't have thought about, always with the aim of gaining info about the place rather than selling it to me. Finally, she has been helpful even post-sale, including with things she has no responsibility for, in order to make sure I'm completely happy. I would recommend Karin to anyone.”

Austin S.

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