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My husband and I recently purchased a home in South County. Linda skillfully guided us through the transaction and made the process stress free. She quickly earned our trust by communicating on a frequent basis and answering all our questions promptly. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and the nuances of buying or selling a home. She is a gracious and warm individual. We highly recommend her!

Ed and Pat K., Saunderstown

There are few words to describe the interaction with Linda from Lila Delman. Professional, Insightful, Understanding, Efficient, Compassionate, none meet the measure of the total experience working with her. The entire journey was a joy from the first interview, to the signing of the last document. Every step of the way she was there to guide and offer wise advise and help bring conclusion to a daunting task. ~My family and I are in her debt.

Marco and Vanessa M., South Kingstown

We met Linda at an amazing home in South Kingstown and that house became our standard for comparison going forward. Once our search began in earnest, my wife and I were not on the same page-Linda was understanding, patient and kind throughout the process, particularly when we got outbid on what we then thought was our dream home. When we viewed what ultimately became our forever home in Jamestown, we stood in the back yard and told Linda, "This is our house, we can't lose in a bidding war, how do we get this done? Literally, 4 hours later we were signing our P&S. In this market-what Linda did for us was just unbelievable!

Michael R, Jamestown

Linda is an exceptional real estate professional. We've moved ten times in the last 20 years and have had the spectrum of realtor experiences. Our relationship with Linda was the most positive yet. Most impressive is how timely and considerate Linda is when communicating with the larger team working on the sale. It happened time and time again that before I could respond to an email whether it be, inspectors or, attorneys Linda already had a plan and was calling to make a recommendation. Beyond the sale Linda made our family feel welcome and that we now had another friend to rely on in the neighborhood. Never did we feel like a party to a transaction, Linda's style and personality made it feel like she was helping us secure our dream home. So very thankful that we found her! She is the only person I will recommend.

Jason and Jaime F., Saunderstown

Honestly we were so happy with our experience with Linda. We just bought a house after looking for about 10 months. Linda is really down-to-earth, honest and kind. She is very responsive-- she set up appointments for us quickly and willingly any time we asked, in addition to proposing visits on her own. She has a good knowledge of the area, an understanding of homes/property/land-- for instance, she pointed out a drainage problem in the yard of one property we looked at, that I wouldn't have seen or understood on my own. She was on top of every detail in our transaction--through the offer, the negotiation, the property inspection, the closing. She gave helpful advice and negotiated everything we asked for. She is respectful and firm. We would highly recommend her!

Kevin and Annie B., North Kingstown

We have owned and sold 7 homes so we are very familiar with working with Realtors. We knew this particular home would be challenging because we had already relocated before it was sold, and would not be readily available if issues came up. Issues did come up, and Linda was always there to save the day! She is an intelligent professional who provides sound listing and marketing advice. You never doubt she works for you and has your best interest in mind. She rolled up her sleeves and personally provided staging details. She is a tireless hard worker, and would be my choice again!

Paul and Gail O., Narragansett

Linda Kaley did not disappoint. She was informative, aware of the local market, and appropriately aggressive in all aspects. We do not live in Rhode Island so not being around at all during the process had us nervous. Linda took on the sale as if it was her own house, we were hands off for the most part and she just made it happen. She handled pre-staging the house, advertising the house, open houses and she worked with our tenant directly for showings. Please consider Linda Kaley for your Real Estate needs as she is Top Notch and will not disappoint!

Chris and Kim B., South Kingstown

We started our house search thinking we would buy a house somewhere in the vicinity of Wakefield but after patiently looking at various houses with us and hearing us talk about what we were looking for Linda said, "Ok, let me show you where you are going to live". She showed us a condo which we never dreamed we wanted and after one quick look, we made an offer. She helped with all aspects of the negotiation and closing. She went out of her way to be available whenever we needed her and she gave great advice. We highly recommend Linda.

Peter and Claudia S., South Kingstown

Wow, what a difference an experienced, knowledgeable and accommodating agent can make when transferring to a new state. Linda was so well versed on market conditions in so many areas that we didn't have to do much research ourselves. She's so easy to work with and really helps out will all of the little stuff. An added bonus is that she has formed relationships with so many fellow brokers that the other side is bound to be someone she's worked several times before which can come in handy when you have a special request. Linda is the best, and we highly recommended her.

Holly S., North Kingstown

I found Linda to be a highly attentive Agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Linda was honest about some changes that we needed to make in our house to attract buyers and her advice worked. I'm happy to recommend Linda to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in my opinion and if we ever need to move again, she will be our first choice in real estate agents.

Matt P., South Kingstown

Linda Kaley has proven her competence and expertise with an admittedly challenging client, our family. This was not our first foray with the home sale process but it was the first time we felt the Realtor really understood that we weren't looking for a house, we were searching for a home and found a true friend along the way. Linda is a person who values a family's happiness in realizing their dreams and we highly recommend her as your Realtor.

Kimberly K., Saunderstown

From the first meeting we knew we were in good hands with Linda. She is professional, detailed and tireless in her work. Her sparkling personality and good humor eases the stress of engaging in a real estate transaction. Her knowledge of the business inspires confidence.

Richard S., North Kingstown

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