It is in this rarified environment that leading Rhode Island broker Lila Delman Real Estate International has been selected to showcase many of their most luxurious homes. They will be joined by leading real estate experts who will be running helpful interactive workshops and seminars over the course of this important two-day event.

This invitation-only private view celebrates luxury homes and offers guests a unique opportunity to see and buy some of the world’s most exclusive properties.

Melanie Delman, President of Lila Delman Real Estate Internaitonal explains, “The historic, stylish and sophisticated Bloomsbury Square in London is surely the ultimate backdrop for international buyers to discover some of the world’s most exclusive properties. Luxury real estate buyers will be able to network with the cream of international brokers and agents.

“I believe that it is our ability to expose our clients’ homes to these premium international buyers that sets us apart from other brokers. We see it as essential that we are able to exhibit some of our most stunning homes at this important event. It is because London is so international and has such strong infl uence into Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Russia that the Bloomsbury Square event has an infl uence far beyond London and the rest of the UK.”

The luxury show catalog can be previewed below.