Melanie Delman, President of Lila Delman Real Estate, announced that Lila Delman Real Estate received the 2010 Website Quality Certification (WQC) award from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

Our clients demand a high-level of service from Lila Delman Real Estate and we work very hard to extend this same level of service to our website. In the last twelve months we have had over one million visitors to LilaDelman.comand we expect each and every one of them to have a pleasant experience. – Melanie Delman.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® created the Website Quality Certification (WQC) designation in 2009, in order to recognize member company websites that are pursuing “best practices” in website design and Internet communications. The designation is designed to raise the bar across the network and help member companies elevate their websites to the rigorous standards LeadingRE has put forth.

Our firm was one of 111, out of a total of over 600, to be nominated by the University of Chicago to receive Leading RE’s coveted Website Quality Certification. Our site was judged on customer experience, operating speed, design and content, interactivity, easy-to-use navigation, and lead management. We are very honored to have received this highly coveted award. – John Hodnett, Principal Broker, Lila Delman Real Estate.