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Dear Bob - Thank you for all the extra effort that you devoted to selling our home in Jamestown. We understand and fully appreciate your diligence on our behalf at each step of the selling and buying process. All involved benefitted from your expertise and professionalism!We are thrilled to be settling into our new condo. Thank you for helping us make a smooth transition.

Tom & Chris DeTour; Jamestown, RI

We thoroughly enoyed working with Bob Bailey in the sale of our home. He is very diligent and it is because of his pre-sale legwork that we sold our home so quickly. Every detail was taken care of in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him and we would highly recommend Lila Delman to friends. Thank you and enjoy the summer.

Barbara & Al Conn; Jamestown, RI

Nancy and I are pleased and impressed with how quickly and seamlessly you managed the marketing and sale of our home at 95 America Way in Jamestown, RI. You accurately analyzed the property value, aggressively marketed the property, thoughtfully advised us throughout the process and expertly navigated all parties to a successful closing. We lsited the property with you in mid-August and we completed the sale in mid-November! We are very appreciative.

Peter & Nancy French; Jamestown, RI

We wanted to drop you a line to express our thanks for helping us through the often murky process of buying a second home in Rhode Island. We just spent the weekend at our new house on Moonstone Beach Road – the ocean in the snow is beautiful! It was so peaceful and still in the morning that we could hear the surf from our backyard! We met the neighbors across the street—Jon and Bella (our dog) took a long walk with her and her two dogs across the cornfields that abut the property. In the afternoon we saw the geese hunters out—this is our element and exactly what we were looking for!Throughout the search for our home we were most impressed with the balance and professionalism you brought to the process. We began looking for a second home with you in the Spring. You were very good about getting us to focus in on the items that were critical to our list, like a home with privacy and land and those that we may not have thought of—like how wonderful it is to be close to the water. You were always prompt to give us guidance on line which was a godsend given our busy work schedules and Jon’s travel. We especially liked the way you would be available to show us a few homes when we could come down in person but also give us many more either on-line or when we met you to investigate or do “drive bys: on our own – that gave us a sense of driving the bus and not wasting time looking at only a few homes at a time. We were effectively able to eliminate many more properties that way. Your style of not “helicoptering” over us or peppering us with e-mails or calls constantly was very refreshing and gave us the time over many months to look for a home at our own pace and on our schedule.And when Hurricane Sandy hit you were right there to respond promptly with updates even though we knew you were dealing with your own home’s safety and other properties as well. In fact, I don’t remember calling you throughout the entire process that I did not receive a call back or an e-mail within minutes. On a personal note I also really appreciated the way you worked with me when Jon was travelling for work and couldn’t be with me. I am not very savvy with heating systems, radon testing, septic tanks and the like. You provided understandable, clear and concise explanations and critiques of the various systems we encountered in numerous homes. That gave me peace of mind.In closing, we would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Rhode Island. As I said a few times along the way, I am sure you will continue a long and successful career in this filed. It’s certainly your forte. Thanks again and we’ll hopefully see you out and about this summer.

Jon & Kathleen Sandman; South Kingstown, RI

Simply, we would recommend no one else for an experienced, client-focused, steady hand that guides you from the listing process all the way through the twists and turns during the negotiation process. They focused on my wife and I through the process, from proactively offering assistance (sometimes when we did not even know we needed it) to simply providing timely updates and advice even during the most unexpected days and times. They surpassed our expectations for a real estate agent, and we will not hesitate to use them again

Michael Reinbold; Jamestown, RI

As always you have worked to make this process as easy as possible. We know we can always get the best solutions to any situation that arises with these purchases and sales with you as our realtor and more importantly, friend.

George & Susan Fazio; Jamestown, RI

Hands down the best real estate experience I've ever had In my life! Bob Bailey sold my home in the most professional and courteous manor I've ever experienced. I'd give this company 10 stars if I could! From start to finish he made the whole process smooth and easy. I'd like to take Bob Bailey and The Lila Delman Jamestown Team for all their hard work! Greatly appreciated!

John Manni; Jamestown, RI

Thanks Bob- It's been a pleasure working with you & Ben. You've helped make this process smooth and we appreciate your responsiveness to our needs. Take care.

Rochelle & Joe; Jamestown, RI

Bob is truly a professional. Very knowledgeable of the market and very helpful, not only in the marketing and sale of our property, but in helping out with all the other details attendant to selling a home. I will always be grateful to him for his graciousness and support during my period of listing remorse. Our home sold quickly and easily.

Catherine Wilkinson & John Rader; Jamestown, RI

I can’t imagine buying a house without Bob. He is an understated, kind man, and the epitome of professionalism. He will return any call, text, or email faster than most blood relatives. Anytime I had a question or reached out, I would receive an answer almost immediately. With the speed that the current housing market moves - where some offers are put down within days or hours - this was so helpful. He has decades of experience in real estate, and that level of expertise has become second nature to him. When we were closing on our house, my lawyer kept saying, “Who is your realtor? They did an amazing job.” Anytime I was interested in a specific property, Bob pulled up all septic and land information before we toured it. He often found out more about a house than the person selling the property. Bob knows the guts of houses (furnace, septic, electric, etc) and when he would value the property, I fully trusted his judgment. When you are making such a big investment, it’s hard to know what a house is truly worth sometimes; having Bob’s wisdom was vital to ease the process. Long story short, Bob Bailey is super-human and you’d be lucky to have him as your realtor. You’d be lucky to hang out with him for 20 minutes. He is one of a kind, and I’m better for having worked with him.

Jessica Thorne

Bob Bailey is a person of integrity, listens, does what he says he will do, knows home construction and knows his business and sales area like the back of his hand. Simply put, after 40 years of buying over 15 homes in 6 states, he is far and above the best realtor we have worked with. Background We searched South County Rhode Island for 51 weeks before finding the right home for us. We were looking for a home between $500,000 and $900,000, within 5 miles of the water, 2-3 bedrooms, 1.5+ baths, .5+ acres with a garage. To make the search more difficult, my spouse worked in the high end home renovation business in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY for 45 years. She required an outstanding floor plan in a well built house. Integrity - Bob was honest and straight forward with us through the entire sales process, and post sale. He worked with us just as hard when a house was for sale by owner. He would tell us a house was not for us after months of rejections. We grew to trust him to the extent 3 of us would vote in the decision to bid and how much. Listens - He got to know us, what we like and don't like. He would help us understand why we would not want to pursue a house. When you have searched every day online, bid on 3 houses and lost, even with escalation clauses you get frustrated. When we lowered our standards near the end, he reminded us of what we had asked for, even after we had "pestered him" regarding 50 + homes. Does what he says - Bob showed up for every open house we asked him to, with a few understandable issues. When this happened he coordinated with our son to make sure there was coverage, and followed up with the realtors showing the house. Knows Home Construction - Bob worked in the construction business. When we did in person or video walkthroughs, it was as if you had a building inspector with you. Knows his business and sales area - Bob knows all the parties in the purchase process, from the realtors, to banks, and to folks that would modify your purchase after sale. He would frequently comment he had been in a house, knew when it was last sold, etc. When we started to look outside his area, he would offer to connect us with another realtor. He also got us to look in areas that we thought we wouldn't like, but that happens when you trust your realtor. In the end we are extremely happy with our home purchase, and thankful for the long hours and great work done by a knowledgeable person with integrity.

Thomas& Kara Kolaski

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